A tightly packed 2 month project to reinvent an early stage start-up for global success.

Unihood was formed as the result of an intense 2 month summer project run by the Digital Product Group in London.

The brief: The company's founders, backed by VC incubator PiLabs, wanted to take their already successful early stage start-up from a business that was enjoying early success on the Chinese messaging platform WeChat to the mainstream with a brand and a suite of digital products strong enough to project them to mass-market.

With tens of thousands of Asian students coming to study in the UK and Europe every year a unique opportunity is created for the product that can bring together the services that will be needed through their time away from home living and studying in a foreign culture.

Delivered: The Digital Product Group led an intense 2 month project to research, design and test a new brand identity and design and user test the array of digital products that will propel this business from its small beginnings to a market leader.

Researching, prototyping and reiterating we worked through over 50 digital product, company name and brand identity concepts to reinvent the company as unihood.com - the destination that will help foreign students feel at home while studying abroad throughout their 'unihood'.

Visit Unihood.com to see the company in action.

Services delivered:
  • Digital Strategy,
  • Global Expansion,
  • Global User Studies,
  • Product Best Practices,
  • Rebranding for growth
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